T-Rex + Belly Dance = OMG!!!!

Well, shoot. This was never even on our radar of something that could even happen to us someday…..

There is an EXTREMELY popular and talented artist here is Casa Grande, Arizona, named Leah Kiser. She is somewhat known for her paintings of dinosaurs doing everyday things… and she is MOST known for her images of a T-Rex Ballerina complete in pink tutu. Whenever we have an event in Casa Grande, there is a row of viewers enjoying her artwork in front of her booth.

This year, at the Street Fair, somehow we ran across this beautiful image of T-Rex belly dancing – complete in American Cabaret style bedlah! Speaking to the artist, she said that she had seen us, RaMagik, at events and HAD to do a belly dancer! How amazing is that? Check it out ===>

“Belly Dancer” by Leah Kiser – Oil on Canvas
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