Special Guests, Returning Members, New Choreographies, and the Season Ender!

Pam CollageSo, April has been a very busy month! As I mentioned, we performed at the Maricopa County Fair on April 17th and had an AMAZING time! And our special surprises… Olabisi is BACK! She had to take a year off to figure out how to manage her insane lifestyle, but she’s done it, she’s missed us, and we put her right back to work! She had about 2-3 weeks to get ready before our performance. And she did AMAZING! We also had the gorgeous Kara from Phoenix guest dancing a solo and, as always, you had to have been there. Wait… no… we got video!!!

This is a playlist of the performances. They are not in order (yet) and 1 performance is missing due to a copyright issue on YouTube, so I’ll amend this later to add it. We had a WONDERFUL time!

We also had the immense pleasure of doing a surprise show for one of our favorite fans! When we dance at the Grande Fest back in October 2015, he was the ONLY person who would dance with us! His wife remembered for all these months and hired us to surprise him – and, of course, he danced again! Happy birthday, Jim!Jim Carreon Party

And THEN!!!!! We closed out the season’s First Friday Downtown Street Scene with a special guest from Tucson, Aziza Belly Dance. AND! In addition to that, Nathara (that’s me) was our featured dancer. It was a great show! We had a FANTASTIC time! They best? SOOO many people got up for our dance party! It was a hot summer night for sure! And, lucky for us, there were a BUNCH of photographers there shooting away! Check out some of these images! Of course, you should head over to the Pictures page if you want to see more of them! Thank you to Scott Smith, Jennie Barscht, and Tammy Rowlinson for the photos!

DTSS May 2016 Collage

No rest for the wicked, though – this doesn’t mean we get a break! We still have our monthly gigs to do, birthday parties and… creating new dances, taking lots of workshops, and getting it done!

Please note: Aine’s class has moved from 6:30pm to 7pm instead. Krisenna’s adult class is no longer available. Nathara and Krisenna are now co-teaching a Beginning Belly Dance class at Herbalicious of Arizona that is drop in friendly, and Nathara will be starting a Therapeutic/Chair Belly Dance class on the 16th of May! We’re busy bees!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Will be back soon!



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