About Us

12308180_1015882848472295_4761137860448477711_oHi! Thank you so much for your interest in learning more about us!

We are RaMagik Belly Dance – an American Cabaret/Tribal Fusion Belly Dance group in Casa Grande, Az. What that means is that we dance a style of belly dance that was popularized in the 1970s and 1980s in Middle Eastern night clubs and restaurants in America. This is generally a fusion of all the Middle Eastern belly dance styles, including, but not limited to: Egyptian, Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish. In addition to that, we fuse in even MORE dance styles, such as Flamenco, Latin dance styles, and Improvisational  Tribal Style! So we do a WHOLE LOT of different dance styles and they’re all blended together!

Every dance is different, and they’re all infused with different feelings and emotions. Some dances draw in a Bollywood influence, while others draw on Improvisational Tribal Style. You never quite know what you’re going to get! Although if you’d like a peek, check out our Videos page!

The Six Elements

RaMagik is made up of Six Elements, or Primal Forces, via it’s members.

Shaliney = Wisdom

Aińe = Protection

Olabisi = Power

Nathara = Spirituality

Krisenna = Healing

Amira = Power

In addition to representing these Six Elements of Energy, the dancers in RaMagik all have diverse backgrounds. Some dancers have been dancing 25 years with extensive restaurant dancing experience, others have been dancing only 2 years with pure fusion experience. But they all bring something beautiful and powerful to the dance. Click below to read about each dancer:







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