About Shaliney

Shaliney of RaMagik Belly Dance – Photo by John Running

Hello there! I am Shaliney and I’m grateful that you’ve come to learn more about me.  My passion for this art was born after I watched a TV program on PBS – “Yasmina’s Joy of Bellydance.” I fell in love with the physical and spiritual beauty of her dancing. I turned and said to my family “I can do that,” and so I found a class and started my journey. My passion, love, and dedication to this dance is still strong 25 years later.

The next thing I new, I was taking a class through the local Parks and Recreation Department being taught by Samia and then moved into Morgiana’s class. Soon, I was invited to be a member of Morgiana’s troupe, Daughters of Isis. Soon after, I became a member of Egyptian Cartouche. From there, I moved to the Black Opals, directed by Ava Fleming with whom I went to Rakassah.

I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with many wonderful dancers, all of whom have influenced me in many ways. Some of them are: Morgiana, Meena Georgese, Mahin, Helena Vlahos, Yasmina, Samia, Davina, Neena Nour, Ava Fleming. In addition, I’ve taken many workshops with even more wonderful dancers including: Ava Cernik, Delilah, Mesmera, Carrie Konya, Jillina, Fatiem, Ansuya, Anaya Tribal, Jim Boz, and Rajani.

I was able to dance in the Phoenix community regularly for most of the restaurants (including Byblos, Bombay Grill, Sinbads, and Cafe Istanbul) for many years until I moved out of the area. I now live in the Coolidge and Casa Grande area.

In Casa Grande, I started dancing with Samra of the legendary Desert Dancers. We performed at the Downtown Street Scene (previously knows as Art in the Alley), street festivals, and local fairs.

I also taught classes through both the Coolidge and Casa Grande Parks and Recreation Departments.

I am currently proud and happy to be a part of this fantastic group, RaMagik Belly Dance, and cannot wait to see what the future holds!


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