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I have been dancing in one way or another my whole life, but started out early in life with a strong gymnastics background. I love things that ground me to the earth, like yoga and belly dance. I have been belly dancing for almost three years.

I am honored to dance with the accomplished and experienced dancers in RaMagik. They are my sisters in dance and I learn something from them every time we get together.

I love the way dance makes me feel and I am privileged to get to share that.

Check out Olabisi in action at the Maricopa County Fair in the video below!

2 thoughts on “zAbout Olabisi

  1. Greetings,
    RaMagik belly dance logo is most appropriate…third eye to tailbone journey as born again/re birthing..
    for females child birthing as true born again experience and for males Ra Magik third eye as pretended child either case belly dance is common…congratulations..

    • Hi there, Luft! Our logo was designed by hand by our member, Shaliney, who is well versed in Egyptian and Middle Eastern symbolism. We really love it!

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