About Amira

AmiraHi! My name is Amira. (pronounced ah-MEER-ah)

I have been dancing for about ten years. I first fell in love with belly dance fifteen years ago while working at my first job at the AZ Renaissance Festival. I saw a troupe of dancers walk past my booth and was amazed by their beauty. The colorful costumes, their makeup, and the way they moved; I decided that was what I wanted to do. I started researching and watching belly dance videos and began practicing on my own. Dancing on my own was fun, but it is so much better in a group environment surrounded by women who share the love of the dance. My first instructor was Yasmina and I took a few sessions with her in Mesa. I learned so much in her classes and had so much fun; she is an amazing dancer and wonderful instructor.

My family and I moved out here to Casa Grande about one and a half years ago. After finally settling in, I decided it was time I looked for a dance community out here and I found belly dance lessons through the Parks and Rec. That’s where I met the awesome ladies of RaMagik! Nathara and Krisenna are now on my list of wonderful instructors and I am having an amazing time learning from and dancing with them!

I love belly dancing because you are free to move your body whichever way the music takes you. It is such a versatile dance; it can be fused and blended with so many other types of dance and music for a truly unique experience.

RaMagik is a group of talented, fun, beautiful, and truly amazing women! I am so excited and honored to be a part of it!

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