About Aińe

20150720_192732-edtiedHi! My name is Aińe (pronounced “Ani”).

I have been dancing all my life, but didn’t start belly dancing until about 7 years ago.  I started dancing to get out of the house and for some “me” time but fell in love with the beauty of the dance.  I took my first class in the same room that I now teach in for the Parks and Recreations department of Casa Grande. I enjoy watching everyone find their own rhythm.

I have taken workshops with so many wonderful teachers, such as: Yasmina, Amanda Rose, Morgianna, Azita and Anaya Tribal. I definitely draw from all my teachers for my own unique style.

I really enjoy being part of such an empowering dance form that helps me express how I interpret the music.

I love dancing in RaMagik because we all enjoy dancing together, there is a real sense of sisterhood in our troupe. We all feed off each other and make each other better dancers.

~ Aińe

Check out one of Aińe’s solos from the Maricopa County Fair!

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